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Online counselling and therapeutic services

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Psychotherapy, at its core, is a process that aids us in learning more about ourselves. It is a guide to a compassionate understanding of learned behavioral and emotional patterns. A tool through which we are able to evolve in our processes, forgive, grow in awareness, and ultimately reach our potentials for a fulfilling life.

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Masha Gruntovskaya M.Ed. DTATI(qualif) RP Qualifying

I have been working and continuing my studies in the mental health field for over a decade. My experiences have reinforced my belief in endless human potential for healing and growth. With the right tools and through a compassionate lens, my goal is to guide you to see your strengths, notice your abilities, and to overcome life elements that overwhelm.

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Connect to book a free online consultation or to chat more about our potential match. 
I offer a sliding scale for my services. Please send a note of inquiry to set up an arrangement. 

Toronto, Ontario

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